Maryland Mortgage Program

Are you a First Time Home Buyers in Prince Georges County? Are you tired of paying rent but don’t have enough money for the down payment for a home? The Maryland Mortgage program may be the right down payment assistance program for you.

Maryland Mortgage Program Details

The Maryland Mortgage program can be used for 1st-time homebuyers but also for non-first time home buyers! As expected the first home homebuyer program has more options and more assistance is given as opposed to the non-first time home buyer option. For first time home buyers utilizing the Maryland Mortgage Program, a loan of 5000.00 is given to the buyer, the $5,000 loan for the down payment and closing costs. This second lien has a zero percent interest rate, and no payments are due for the life of the first mortgage. As soon as the first mortgage ends (repayment, refinance, transfer, sale, etc.), the second lien is due and payable.

Maryland Mortgage Program Requirements

This product is only available for first-time home buyers, unless:

  • The borrower is purchasing in a targeted area and sold their current home prior to closing on the new property or
  • It has been more than three years since borrower has owned a principal residence; or
  • Borrower is an honorably discharged veteran who has not previously used the first-time homebuyer exemption. This is in accordance with the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act of 2008, as amended. A DD-214 form must be submitted to document veteran status, and a Veteran First Time Home buyer Exemption form must be completed.


If you, or someone you know, is a first time home buyer in Prince Georges County and are interested in using the Maryland Mortgage Program give me a call or text at 240-723-1822 or email me.

If you are a first time home buyer but think you will need more money for downpayment and closing cost assistance check out the post about the Pathway To Purchase program which may be a better fit for you.