The Griffin Family – Rockville, Maryland

Bola was great! We met Bola in March, I had to sell my mother’s home and then simultaneously buy another home for my mother and my family. From the first day, I met Bola and explained to him the situation he worked with me to get a plan together on how to simultaneously sell my mother’s home and buy another home. We first worked on selling my mother’s home, Bola walked the home with me and actually gave me idea’s on what to replace and what not to replace due to the cost vs the return as it went towards the sale/list price. He gave me ballpark estimates on what things would cost to replace so I had an idea of what I would have to put into the home and the cost. He knew the comps in the area and we even went to view the comps before we started replacing things in the home. Bola periodically checked on the home along with myself as the work was done and to my surprise he SOLD the home OFF MARKET for over asking the price!

Since he was able to sell the home off-market we were able to look for a home faster than what we planned originally. Along with Bola, we found the home that specifically worked for my family and our needs and wants. We sold my mother’s home and closed on our new home a few days apart to make time for the wire so there was no hang up on either end.

Bola successfully negotiated the sale of my mothers home for more than asking and negotiated down the cost of the home we wanted! He is amazing, really, he kept us updated throughout both transactions and was never too busy. When he says his phone is always on, it really is.

Thank you Bola, I know exactly who I will be calling if I ever need to sell or buy a home. With sincere thanks.